Just some friendly FAQ’s from your neighbourhood pals!

What should I wear?

“Greta isn’t too classy but not too trashy- please dress accordingly!”

No activewear or sweatpants. Dress for a fun night out on the town!

Gentlemen must be wearing closed toed shoes and sleeves.


Can I bring my kid? 

GRETA loves kids – just not in the bar. No minors allowed. We are 18+ 100% of the time.

However, we are open for minors on Family Day! Check out our social media to learn more! Minors are also welcome to attend private events* on weekends before 3PM. *Events must have a minimum spend of $3000 and have a 3 hour minimum to book.


Do I need my ID?

Everyone must have at least one piece of government issued ID on them at all times regardless of age. In the evening we will be scanning ID’s at the door using Patron Scan. More info at www.patronscan.com/privacy

Valid primary identification includes:

  • have a photo;
  • have a name;
  • have a signature;
  • be government issued;
  • include date of birth;
  • not be expired;
  • have a unique identifier number; and
  • be an original (not a copy)

What is the overall capacity?

393 people

What about the basement? 

141 people

Main Floor? 

252 people

Can we rent out the basement? 

Yes!  ( minimum spend may apply)

What about the whole place?

Definitely! Contact Seamus at [email protected] for more details!

Is semi private an option?

Oh yeah!

How do the games work? 

All games are accessible by RFID card loaded with a custom amount of credits.

How many credits is each game?

Each game is approximately 4-8 credits.