Chef Marc

GRETA Bar YYC Executive Chef

Every bite should transport you to a far flung locale and leave you dreaming of more!

Born and raised in Montreal, food has always been a passion of Chef Marc. Growing up, Julia Child was more his taste on Saturday mornings as opposed to the Transformers . Chef spent countless hours in the kitchens of his mother and aunts, trying to absorb as much knowledge as he could.

Upon completing studies at Concordia University, the need to be in a professional kitchen was too deep and Chef was presented an opportunity to help open a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. After that adventure was satisfied, he returned home and enrolled at ITHQ.

Degree in hand, Chef proceeded to do a few “stages” in Greece and in France before spending a few years at fine bistros throughout the Montreal region.

The travel bug hit Chef yet again he decided to come out West for the Olympics in Vancouver with a pitstop in Calgary

(12 years later Chef still wonders if he will ever make it out there!)

Chef’s culinary career in Calgary has been quite varied, from opening many beloved restaurants to even being a part owner of a Greek Taverna.