just some friendly faq’s from your neighbourhood pals!


When is your last seating for table reservations on weekdays? on the weekend?

During the week we are incredibly flexible with our booking times and will do our best to accommodate all requests.

On weekends, our last seating is generally at 7pm due to the increased volume of guests we experience. After 7pm, GRETA becomes self-seating. Generally we see quite a bit of table turnover throughout the night.


What time do you serve food until on weekdays? Weekends

Our entire global street food menu is available until 12 am from Tues to Thursday.
On weekends we serve the full menu until 11 pm. From 11 pm till 1 am on weekends we run a slightly scaled back menu featuring all of our top sellers.

Do you have a private space? 

We are enormous fans of hosting all kinds of outrageous laughter and merriment! While we don’t have private areas (with their own closed-door or banquet room), we can absolutely section off an area for your group. With the space being interactive in nature, we want your whole group to feel comfortable checking out all the games and experiencing GRETA in its full capacity!


Can I get a Guest List? 

Absolutely you can! Our guest list is limited but can be accessed by clicking the guest list button! Our guest list is subject to our fire capacity so ensure you come early for the priority entrance line!

Guest list does not include a table.

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What is priority entry?

Priority entry means that if there is a line up upon your arrival you will get placed in a special line with other groups that also called ahead to book a guest list. This line processes quicker than the general admission line. It is important to note that being in this line does not guarantee immediate entry and there are times where the wait can be a several minutes. Good news is that’s generally because it’s such a killer party inside that no one wants to leave to make room for new.


What if I am celebrating a birthday?

For Birthdays, we offer a complimentary package for the individual whose birthday we are celebrating. It includes a $25 gaming card, complimentary coat check, and some Greta gifts as well! Birthday packages are only available to guests who call in with a booking and arrive before 9pm.


Do you offer complimentary parking?


****GRETA doesn’t operate, own or control the parkade in any way, we only pay to provide a space for patrons to park. All inquiries, concerns and request should be directed to Impark .

We have complimentary heated parking underneath GRETA! The entrance is on the East side of the building. Please bring the ticket with you to GRETA as it is required to re-enter the building. If you drop by guest services after your GRERA experience one of the team members there can get you a sticker that validates your parking. Parking is complimentary at GRETA from 4 p.m. – 6 a.m. on weekdays and 4 p.m. Friday until 6 a.m. Monday morning. The re-entry location is on the south side of the building in the alley. Your ticket will scan to allow you back into the building. Then it’s a matter of finding your nice and toasty car and feeding the ticket into the machine upon exit.